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The Addigy Agent

The Addigy Agent is a binary titled go-agent. The Addigy Agent makes possible the most powerful features of Addigy and works in tandem with Addigy MDM to give you the most functionality and control to manage your macOS devices.

  1. Addigy Agent
  2. Addigy Agent Example Commands
  3. Logs
  4. LaunchDaemons

Addigy Agent

The Addigy go-agent binary has several tools it leverages to perform its various tasks and actions from the Addigy Web Console. The agent being the first and most relevant to this document, below are the tools it leverages:

  • go-agent
  • auditor
  • collector
  • data_key_client
  • filevault-manager
  • go-utils
  • lan-cache
  • reporter
  • speedtest-cli
  • tunnel
  • update-installer
  • user-manager

For the purposes of technical details, each tool is documented seperately. Binary Location: /Library/Addigy/go-agent

Addigy Agent Example Commands

Below are some example commands that can be leveraged against the Addigy Agent.

Check Agent Version:

  • /Library/Addigy/go-agent agent --version

Force Agent Check in:

  • /Library/Addigy/go-agent agent --checkin

Force Agent Launch:

  • /Library/Addigy/go-agent agent --launch

Trim Agent Logs:

  • /Library/Addigy/go-agent agent --trim-logs

Get Agent Proxy Commands:

  • /Library/Addigy/go-agent agent --get-unix-proxy-commands

Stopping the go-agent:

  • sudo launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.addigy.agent.plist

Starting the go-agent:

  • sudo launchctl load /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.addigy.agent.plist

Below are some examples using tools already defined in the go-agent binary you can run using the policier function of it.

Install ScreenConnect:

  • /Library/Addigy/go-agent policier install screenconnect

Install Addigy Remote Control (Pilixo Remo):

  • /Library/Addigy/go-agent policier install addigy-prc

Install Addigy Live Terminal:

  • /Library/Addigy/go-agent policier install ssh-install


Addigy agent logs are located in the following directory:

  • /Library/Addigy/agent.log


A LaunchDaemon for the Addigy agent is located in the following directory:

  • /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.addigy.agent.plist

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