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The Addigy filevault-manager is a go binary installed during the Addigy Agent install process. It is utilized for enabling FileVault on devices using GoLive in the Addigy Web Console. The filevault-manager binary will leverage the native fdesetup command-line utility in macOS.

  1. filevault-manager commands
  2. Logs
  3. Additional Information

filevault-manager commands

Starts the Addigy filevault-manager: /Library/Addigy/filievault-manager

Deferred FileVault Enablement: /Library/Addigy/filevault-manager -enable -defer

Deferred FileVault Enablement with Prompt for Restart: /Library/Addigy/filevault-manager -enable -defer -prompt-restart

FileVault Enablement with Username and Password: /Library/Addigy/filevault-manager -enable -user $username -password $password

Escrow a FileVault Key from the device: /Library/Addigy/filevault-manager -escrow


Addigy filevault-manager logs are located in the following directory: /Library/Addigy/logs/fv-escrow.log

Additional Information

FileVault Enablement with Username and Password is no longer supported on macOS 10.15 and higher.

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