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The Monitoring Dashboard allows you to systematically control, view, and take actions on your policy alerts. Allowing administrators to have a better glance at how end-users’ devices are being proactive about alerts in monitoring.

  1. Monitoring Data Columns
  2. Acknowledging Alerts

Monitoring Data Columns

The following data points are available in the Monitoring page as Data Columns

  • Received: Date and Time when the Alert was created in the Addigy Platform
  • Name: Name of the Alert and Category
  • Device: Device Name that triggered the Alert
  • Fact: Fact leveraged within the Monitoring Alert
  • Value: Monitoring Value that triggered the Alert
  • Level: Monitoring Alert level set for the specific Alert
  • Remediation: Any remediation action that would be performed by the Monitoring Alert
  • Action: Acknowledge Alert action you would like to set

Acknowledging Alerts

Alerts Created - Status “Unattended”: When an Alert is triggered by Addigy monitoring it creates an Unattended Alert for you to take action on.

Alert Temporary Muted - Status: “Acknowledged”: This action will temporarily mute the alert, an admin will not receive alerts for the item of the interval time of selected by the admin. Once the time expires, alerts will be received and will only stop until remediation is completed, muted or resolved.

Alert Permanently Muted - Status: “Acknowledged”: This action will permanently close current and future alerts related to this items and mark status: “Resolved”

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