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Addigy’s update-installer is a go binary for calling System Updates for macOS Devices. The go-agent uses the update-installer when the policier decides a System Update is needed.

The update-installer relies on the collector to know if System Updates are required and applies them based on the policier instructions.

  1. Update-installer Example Commands
  2. Storage
  3. Logs

Update-installer Example Commands

Binary Path /Library/Addigy/update-installer

Check update-installer version /Library/Addigy/update-installer -v

Example Command: “/Library/Addigy/update-installer -action=update -restart -silent “macOS 10.14.6 Update- “


A local go database is deployed on the agents to help manage and track download actions, activities, and update interactions. /Library/Addigy/sys-updates.db


Addigy update-installer logs are located in the following directory: /Library/Addigy/logs/policier.log

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