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Addigy Auditor

The Addigy Auditor (auditor) is a go binary installed during the Addigy Agent install process. It collects various data from macOS Devices and sends the information to the Addigy Web Console. The auditor runs every 5 minutes on the device and is responsible for default and custom device fact information.

  1. Auditor
  2. Auditor commands
  3. Logs
  4. LaunchDaemons
  5. Additional Information


The Auditor accepts four specific return data format options: string, number, boolean, or list. These types represent how the Addigy agent will collect output from your script and how it will appear in the rest of the system.

For each return type, a specific type of output will be looked for:

  • A string can be any set of Unicode characters
  • A number should be a single integer
  • A boolean should be one of the following: “true”, “false”, “True”, “False”, “TRUE”, or “FALSE”
  • A list can be any number of strings delimited by newline characters

The hashbang textbox contains a path to the binary that will run your fact. By default, it will be the macOS default locations for both languages: #!/bin/bash for Bash scripts or #!/usr/bin/python for Python scripts. You can use this textbox to call a different interpreter for your script (a Python3 binary, for example). We recommend that you stick to the default hashbangs unless you understand how to call other interpreters or shells and know that the path will be available on your machines.

Auditor commands

Starts the Addigy auditor: /Library/Addigy/auditor


Addigy auditor logs are located in the following directory: /Library/Addigy/logs/facts.log


A LaunchDaemon for the Addigy auditor is located in the following directory: /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.addigy.auditor.plist

Additional Information

Addigy Auditor audit file: /Library/Addigy/agent-audit.json

Addigy Auditor Scripts are located in the following directory: /Library/Addigy/auditor-facts/scripts/

Addigy Auditor Facts are located in the following directory: /Library/Addigy/auditor-facts/facts/

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