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The Addigy Support Section provides several tools to enable and support usability of the Addigy Platform.

  1. Getting Started
  2. Solutions
  3. Issues

Getting Started

The Addigy Getting Started page provides an overview of Addigy Basics. These are direct links to regularly used functions within the Addigy Platform.


The Addigy Solutions page provides an overview of Addigy Support Knowledge Base Articles. You can search for any Knowledge Base article directly within the Addigy Platform.


The Addigy Issues page provides the ability to create, view, or respond to a Support Ticket within the Addigy Platform. When creating your first support ticket, you will get a registration email to manage tickets, if desired in the Addigy Support Platform

Users are allowed to view and to up-vote open Feature Requests or Bug Reports. Closed or Resolved Feature Requests can be reviwed as well.

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