Addigy Collector

The Addigy collector is a go binary installed during the Addigy Agent install process. It collects various data from macOS Devices and sends the information to the Addigy Web Console. The collector runs every 5 minutes on the device and is responsible for collecting installed application data and System Update data.

  1. Collector
  2. Collector commands
  3. Logs
  4. LaunchDaemons


The collector can be found in /Library/Addigy/collector and can be executed manually by calling the binary directly.

In /Library/Addigy/collector-cache you can find all responsible log files for the Addigy Collector. The following Files should be located in the directory collector-cache.

  • Collector Configuration: Config.plist

  • Collectors time stamp for last time it collected Applications: collector_apps_last_collected_time

  • Collectors time stamp for last time it checked for System Updates: collector_last_update_check

  • Collectors Time stamp for the last upload to the Addigy Web Console: collector_last_upload

  • Collectors File for running Applications: collector_running_apps.json

  • Collectors File for required System Updates: collector_updates.json

Collector files store time stamps in epoch time.

Collector commands

Starts the Addigy collector: /Library/Addigy/collector


Addigy collector logs are located at: /Library/Addigy/logs/collector.log


A LaunchDaemon for the Addigy Collector is located at: /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.addigy.collector.plist

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