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Policies are the core framework within the Addigy platform for managing large groups of devices at once. Addigy’s Policies provides you with a way to structure software to be deployed and managed in a hierarchy. You may want to create a top-level policy to deploy certain software to all organizations/locations you manage, while having very specific software for the Marketing department, as a child policy. You may choose to simply add software from the Public Catalog or add custom software via pkg or shell files.

  1. Policy Creation
  2. Install Order
  3. Policy Precedence

Policy Creation

Creating Addigy Policies can be done

Install Order

Child policy items do not necessarily install before parent policy items. Policy Items are pushed out in this order:

  • MDM Configurations
  • Addigy utils (Lan-cache, FileVault-Manager, ScreenConnect)
  • Software/Profiles/MS Updates
  • System Updates
  • System Updates With Restarts

Policy Precedence

Note: Child policies inherit Software, System Updates, MS Updates, Profiles, Monitoring Alerts, and Maintenance from Parent. Child policies do not inherit the Restart Settings option for System Updates, the Application in Use setting for MS Office Updates, Suppressed Updates, integration settings, Apps & Books, MDM enrollment profiles, Automated Device Enrollment.

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